Over the course of our lives many of us experience emotional, behavioural and family difficulties due to, life/job stress; school related issues; serious illness; accidents; and/or marital/relationship problems. These difficulties present a variety of challenges including:

  • Stress/grief/fear
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Substance misuse
  • Feeling overwhelmed and/or out of control
  • Other mental health issues

If you are challenged by any of these difficulties, S. Boon Counselling and Consulting may be able to help. Situated in the Landmark 6 building, I will offer you a confidential, quiet, calm, safe, and comfortable space where you will be treated with respect. We will work from the perspective of identifying and reinforcing the strengths and resiliency that you possess and by exploring the dominant stories of your life, I will invite you to reflect and consider constructive possibilities. Please call 250-212-6001 for a confidential conversation with Sandy regarding your particular situation.