Every relationship regardless of how long two people have known each other faces challenges. At S. Boon Counselling and Consulting I will assist individuals and couples deal with their responses to various life challenges that can occur at any point in a relationship. So often I hear people say, “my relationship is in trouble but my partner refuses to go for marriage (or relationship) counselling”. Be assured that you are not alone in this situation. Often the critical first step in dealing with relationship challenges is to explore one’s values, beliefs, strengths and resiliency. Stated in another way, relationship counselling can begin with only one person present!

Specializing in couples and relationship challenges, Sandy can specifically help clients deal with issues related to areas such as:

  • separation and divorce;
  • infidelity and affairs;
  • communication difficulties between partners including differences between problem solving strategies and conflict resolution approaches;
  • relationship enrichment;
  • sexuality (including LGBTQ2);
  • gender issues;
  • family conflict;
  • family business dynamics.

To set up an appointment with Sandy or to simply enquire about the specific Couple and Relationship services Sandy offers, you may call Sandy’s dedicated confidential phone number at 250-212-6001 and she will respond to you within the same day, and no later than 4:00 p.m.

Saturday Couples/Relationship Intensive

Couples, partnerships and other forms of relationships that are in crisis often need assistance immediately. In that regard, Sandy has set aside 3-hour blocks of time for her “Saturday Couples/Relationship Intensive”. During that time, the couple/dyad will have the ability to delve deeper into their relationship with each other and to deconstruct underlying patterns of conflict and unresolved issues. Sandy will assist couples and partnerships with creating a better understanding of what needs to stay the same in the relationship, and what needs to change. At the same time, Sandy will work with you to develop a plan around how to best move forward.

For more information about couples and relationship therapy, Sandy will be happy to speak with you about various options that may be available to you relative to your specific challenges. Please call 250-212-6001 to set up an appointment.