Consulting Services

Family and Intergenerational Family Business Consulting

Family run businesses contribute significantly to today’s economy and the viability of these businesses are important not only to the families that own them, but to the community as a whole. Having said that, Sandy has heard from her client’s that working within a family business can be, “both a blessing, and a curse” and unlike other corporation’s or businesses, family, and inter-generational family owned businesses face unique challenges. With many years of business experience combined with her Family Therapy background, Sandy consults and assists family run businesses with issues such as:

  • Separating business form personal feelings;
  • Navigating the Succession Plan;
  • Dealing with the difficult family member(s);
  • Power struggles and letting go

For more information about Family Business Consulting Services, Sandy will be happy to speak with you about various options that may be available to you relative to your specific business and challenges. Please call 250-212-6001 for a confidential conversation with Sandy.