Alcohol Use Disorder

Alcohol use in of itself, is not something to be worried about as it is a socially acceptable means for relaxing and connecting with friends, family, and in settings such as meal time and celebrations. The term Alcohol Use Disorder is used when an individual uses alcohol to deal with unresolved issues and the consumption of alcohol begins to impact every day living. People who drink to excess or use alcohol as a coping mechanism may begin to see relationships suffer, work performance can be impacted, money issues may arise, safety issues such as impaired driving may become a concern and the individual may also be in a state of denial around the amount of alcohol they are consuming.

As reported by “Statista” and based on 2017 results, approximately 19.5 per cent of Canadians were classified as “heavy alcohol drinkers.” According to this statistic it means that at least once per month, over a 12-month period, a man who consumes 5 or more drinks per sitting and a woman who consumes 4 or more drinks per sitting would be considered a “heavy” drinker. In reality, being a heavy drinker can lead to dependency and that is usually the point when the term “alcoholic” is used. In addition, people who tend to binge drink (drink large amounts of alcohol at once) may also have an Alcohol Use Disorder.

The American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy has written a short article that describes Alcohol Use Disorder and the symptoms used to identify whether alcohol is a problem in a person’s life. In addition, the link to provides a short video that deals with Alcohol Disorder. By following this link, you will hear a Vancouver based Psychiatrist, Dr. Shimi Kang talk about alcohol issues and how they are treated and managed. Have a read, and listen to these short clips, and if I can be of assistance to help you deal with alcohol issues that are affecting you, or someone you know, call me at (250) 212-6001 for a confidential appointment. You may also fill in the confidential contact form found on this website and I will connect with you and begin to work with you to develop strategies to help you manage alcohol issues that are impacting your life.